Bridges Video Library

The Bridges Institute video library contains interviews with many of the pioneers and leaders in psychology who helped lay the theoretical, empirical, and clinical foundations for spiritually integrated psychotherapies. They share their personal stories and their professional views about historical, theoretical, empirical, and clinical issues important to the integration of spirituality into mental health treatment. The video library also contains interviews with clergy persons and members of the public sharing their views and experiences about the importance of spirituality in treatment and healing.

Mental Health Professionals

Allen E. Bergin, PhD
Kristin Hansen, PhD
Michael Berrett, PhD
Randy Hardman, PhD
Aurelie Athan, PhD
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., PhD
Mark McMinn, PhD
Steven Sandage, PhD
Peter Sanders, PhD
Lisa Miller, PhD
Edward P. Shafranske, PhD
Thomas Plante, PhD
P. Scott Richards, PhD
Kawika Allen, PhD
Dan Barnes, PhD


Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
Dan Judd, PhD
Lama Thupten Rinpoche, PhD